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 My husband was experiencing extreme tooth pain while we were visiting the area so he made a same day appointment here. He said the entire staff was great! They did an exam and fixed the problem, all in the same visit. The doctor even called hours later to see how he was doing! Great dentist office! 
 Danielle And Eric H.

what our patients are saying

 I just want to give Sonda 5 Stars. I hate the dentist. Nothing personal. Sonda was professional and knowledgable. She was kind, concerned, empathetic, and genuinely engaged. I don't know how she does it. This type of treatment, care and service is rare. Wonderful human being. Thank you Sonda! XAN G.

Thank you for seeing us same day for an emergency front top filling falling out! Our trip from Seattle area would not have continued to be as wonderful w out all of your help! Amazing staff! Great dentists! N didn't feel gouged by price at all n could've very well been. Thank you doesn't come close!
Tracy R. M.

We are very thankful Jackson Family Dentistry is so patient and understanding of our daughter. She has been working on her fear and did so much better compared to our precious visit. Thank you 
Walter R.

Thank You!